Milkweed – Educational Toolbox

Join Conservation Connect Host Louie Ocaranza, Youth Host, Sarah Holley, and NCTC’s Land Management, Casey Johnson while they discuss milkweed.  Why is it important?  Learn how you can plant and grow milkweed yourself!

Planting milkweed is a one of the many ways you can help the monarch butterfly. Milkweed is the sole host plant to the monarch butterfly’s caterpillar, but keeping milkweed as part of our landscape is important to more than just monarch butterflies. Here some species that also use milkweed in various ways.

What Feeds on Milkweed Nectar?

  • Bees
  • Moths
  • Butterflies
  • Skippers
  • Flies
  • Beetles

Lesson Plan

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Go Further!